me2My name is E. J. Watson and I am a twentysomething mystic with a ton of religious baggage. Born Catholic,  I became a seeker at 15. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 18 and was a Mormon missionary by 19. By the end of my mission I had encountered first hand the absurdity of religion and the miracle of spirituality. I began my academic studies at a Mormon school anyway, where I somehow found the existentialists and fell in love with a man. I was eventually asked to leave. I left the Church and came out queer but still could not let go of religion. Then I found the occultists and realized I wasn’t alone.

My search has led me from the esoteric dimensions of Mormon temple teachings, through the Golden Dawn and Thelema currents of the Western Mystery Tradition, and finally to the foot of the Very Saintly G. I. Gurdjieff. All the while there remains in me an eye for the absurd, a reminder that seeking meaning is about creating meaning.

I currently study English and Creative Writing at Rhode Island College and attend the Gurdjieff Society of Massachusetts. For more information on me and my search you can read my two-part series: Testimony of the Absurd and Testimony of the Miraculous.